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What are Lifetime Software Deals and How Can You Take Profit of These?

For a successful e-commerce business that’s successful, you need many apps. Without third-party tools, apps and resources, it’s virtually impossible to start any kind of online enterprise. No matter if you require a helpdesk software as well as a software for scheduling social media or stock photography resources There are a myriad of tools available that will aid you in running a more efficient business. In this post we’ll discuss ways to gain access to the tools you require to run your online business more cost-effectively, including life-time deals.

What is a Lifetime Deal and How Does it work?

These are discounts for users who utilize applications, tools or resources that require them to pay once to gain access for a lifetime.

These are excellent resources for beginners who cannot afford to pay monthly fees to use their technical segments.

Lifetime Deals can certainly assist you with your finances as well as provide access to tools that may give assistance in the smooth running of your company, and eliminate the hassle of making recurring payments for every device that is productive.

The seller lowers the price of the product. This is usually SaaS that is very low for a set period of time. Once the time limit expires, the price will go back to normal, or higher. Due to the time limit, some items may be discounted. Make use of the limited-time offer to get what you truly want.

Lifetime deals: What’s the reason?

  • Pocket-friendly and Unique

  • You can forget about the stress of making your monthly payments

  • Early birds enjoy extra perks

  • This simplifies book-keeping.

  • This will alleviate the anxiety of losing access to the tool

  • You can find some good sources for investment in this tool. It will definitely generate a pretty amazing return on investment.

  • Long Term Asset for Business

  • Affordable Price for the Rest of Your Lifetime

  • Your Creative Department’s right-hand man.

SaaS Lifetime Software Deals

Lifetime deals provide customers with the benefit of saving money as well as getting the tools they need to manage their business. In the example above that we would be paying per month for each tool in our technology stack, we would pay about 5000 dollars per month. However, since we’ve taken advantage of so many lifetime deals over years, we only pay 10%.

The bottom line is that: lifetime deals can simplify your life. They can help you save money, eliminate repetitive bookkeeping responsibilities, as well as give you easier access the tools you require for running your business that you might not be able to use if the tools were purchased on a monthly basis.

In order to make people make use of their services, a lot of lifetime deals are offered by smaller, multi-micro or solo SaaS firms. There are advantages and drawbacks. However, the majority of the time, these lifetime deals are provided by young entrepreneurs, who are bootstrapped and seeking lifetime deals.

Lifetime deals provide a solution that is affordable for beginners entrepreneurs who don’t have the money to spend thousands of dollars a month on their tech stack. If this sounds like you, then take a look at lifetime deals!

This also implies that not every entrepreneur can be suited to lifetime deals. Businesses that offer lifetime discounts are usually just beginning their journey, and their tools might not be as effective. The tools may not be available for long or may be outdated. This can be beneficial, since it can help you grow your business. You can then upgrade to a Pro Plan or switch to another application however, you’ll be required to pay for an annual fee. You’ve at least established that the tool is useful to your business and it is a good fit for you. This will make you more confident in buying a paid subscription.

Why Lifetime Deals are Important for Your Business

A lifetime deal can be one of the most profitable investments you make. They could save you costs and give you all the assets and capabilities that you require to grow your business. It’s a good idea to incorporate lifetime deals into your software platform if have to run your business on a fixed budget.

Let’s discuss the benefits of life-long deals.

The advantages of life-long deals

With lifetime deals, there’s no credit card charges that hit your credit cards each month. It’s just a matter of paying for the tool once and then you’ll be able to use it for life. You will also have fewer accounting entries to track and could be an enormous benefit if you are an entrepreneur on your own who runs your own books.

Plus, lifetime deals are ideal because you don’t have to continue to pay for tools that you utilize occasionally but aren’t essential to the flow of your workflow. There are those tools you’ve signed up for and you’ve got a small amount of work saved and you’re not willing to stop paying for the tool since you’ll lose the work, but you don’t utilize the tool regularly enough to justify the cost of it… Yes we understand, we’ve been there too.

Lifetime deals eliminate those “should-I-keep-it-or-shouldn’t-I” feelings because you aren’t paying monthly for the tools! Therefore, even if you buy a lifetime plan and you discover that you’re not using it as frequently it will only pay $40 total, instead of $20 per month, or something like that.

You may also consider investing in equipment that has a high return on investment (ROI) that are offered as lifetime deals. You can get lifetime deals if you’ve got an idea of growing your business in the future. We’ve used this method over the years and has helped our process tremendously.

We knew the areas in which we would like to see our company develop in the coming years, so when we saw a lifetime deal that fit our long-term vision and goals, it was an excellent chance. We may not have used those tools at the moment or we maybe even sat on them for a few years however, eventually, they became the tool we needed to run an entirely new area of our business. We were waiting for that tool for us, waiting to be used.

The last benefit of lifetime deals is the ability to invest in cutting-edge tools and be part of the product development process. As we mentioned, the newest SaaS businesses often provide lifetime deals to entrepreneurs. SaaS companies demand that users purchase the tools, and use the tools to enhance their offerings. Entrepreneurs need tools to assist them in running their business at an affordable rate. With a low cost entrepreneurs can make use of the software even though there are bugs and new features being added.

Though most lifetime deal software remain under development, you can offer your feedback to the creators of the tool and help them build the product you like. They are typically willing to hear feedback. Small companies can also alter their roadmaps for development to suit the needs of their customers. You’ll likely get a product that’s almost perfect for your business if you persevere through the process of development.

You might want to consider buying Lifetime deals

Just because you see the possibility of a lifetime deal, it doesn’t always mean you have to grab it. So which lifetime deals should you snatch up? What should you be looking for?

These are the top factors to consider when buying lifetime deals.

Check your tools and equipment

You need to consider your technology stack. Take a look at what you’ve got, what you don’t have and where it is not working. What’s not working correctly? What can be improved? Do you have the resources to complete? What will you require in the near future?

An audit of your tech stack can identify the areas you require to make improvements to your workflow.


While it’s not common, businesses offering lifetime deals may sometimes go bankrupt within less than a year. This isn’t an issue that we see often however it could occur. It’s crucial to be sure to be as safe as you can while investing in companies likely to go down in near the future. Take a examine the roadmap for products of any company to see their future plans.

AppSumo is a good option, regardless of where the lifetime deal is being offered, and independent review sites are excellent places to check out reviews and feedback. The Lifetime Tech Deal Fans Facebook group is a good place to reference lifetime deal reviews specifically because the group there is pretty knowledgeable and they often grill the founders in Q&A sessions.


As we’ve already said, the roadmap is a vital indicator of a company’s planned growth and progression. These should be taken into consideration when considering possible lifetime deals to invest into. The roadmaps provide insight into the company’s history and also how forward-thinking the business is. They will also assist you in determining if the instrument will be growing in a similar direction to your company’s.

These tools are often still in their beginning stages so they will change and evolve as time passes. A look at the product roadmap can give you an idea of where this development is occurring and help you determine whether it’s the best tool for your business. The majority of the time, the tool will grow and develop over the course of the first day. However, it’s worthwhile taking a look at the roadmap for the product.

For example, here’s a product roadmap from SocialBee–which is a tool that offered a lifetime deal through AppSumo–so their users can see what features are in the development pipeline.

What kind of lifetime deals Should You Include in Your Tech Stack?

Once you have the knowledge of what lifetime contracts are, their benefits for your company and where you can locate the best deals, what should you do when you decide to choose lifetime deals for your technology stack? Which deals should you include?

It’s going to be contingent on the requirements of your company’s tech infrastructure. Every business has its own needs, but a great starting point for every business is to secure lifetime deals to get the most essential tools.

Use specific tools to run your business. Consider getting lifetime deals for tools with similar capabilities. You won’t need to pay annually or monthly to access the same functions. This could save your company many dollars over the course of your company’s time.

Here are the types and tools that we recommend to all companies in order to locate lifetime deals.

  • Helpdesks: Every company needs a way of communicating with customers and clients. The majority of the time, this is via email. It’s something you will use for the entire duration of your company. Find a deal that lasts forever for a helpdesk that comes with basic functions. Also, take a look at their product roadmap to find out what’s coming up.

  • Marketing Tools: Get the marketing tools your business utilizes with a lifetime contract.

  • Stock Photo/Video/Audio Services Credits If stock photos or videos are important to what you do, then a long-term deal on credits from a source that is stock is an excellent option to gain credit. You’ll be able to keep working for many years if you have enough credits.

  • Security Tools The general rule is that you’ll never regret investing on any tool to protect your company. Security tools are something that typically require you to use throughout the life of your company. Therefore, it’s an advantage to pay for it once but also to keep it accessible forever. Look for VPNs, firewalls, backup services, etc. Our How to Bulletproof Your Online Store article gives more ideas for security tools you can implement into your business’ tech stack.

  • Editing photos and videos: Many companies require editors for photos or videos to create content on their websites and social media. If this is important to you, then you will want to find image compression tools that can optimize your product photos or video editing software to make amazing content.

  • Link Shorteners are an important tool that is used by most firms nowadays. They are able to be used for any social account or when you make use of affiliate links. Since it is an everyday tool for business which you’ll be using every year, it’s a good idea to sign a lifetime deal with link shortening software.


We’re happy that you know the basics of lifetime deals. You’ll save money if your business can find lifetime deals that work.

Be sure to review your current tech stack to find the ones that are most important to you. It is also possible to look into updating outdated tools. It’s obvious that you will require tools to manage your company. If you are able to find long-term deals on tools, it’s a win/win situation.

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