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What are Lifetime Software deals What are they? How can you take advantage of these?

For a successful e-commerce business that’s profitable it is necessary to use a variety of apps. Without third-party applications, tools and resources, it’s nearly impossible to launch any online business. There are a variety of tools available to assist merchants in running better companies, including a helpdesk software, social media scheduling and photos from stock resources. This post will provide ways to gain access to the tools are required to run an online business with less expense by taking advantage of lifetime deals.

What is a Lifetime Deal?

Lifetime deals are discounts that are available to those who use apps and tools or resources. Customers pay a one-time fee to gain access to these tools, resources.

They can be a valuable resource for novices, especially those who can’t pay for the monthly expenses of using their technical section.

Lifetime deals can be beneficial with regards to economic terms. They provide easy access to the tools that can help in the smooth running your business.

The seller will reduce the price of the item. It is most likely that it’s SaaS based. The cost of the item will rise or fall once the limit is reached. Certain items might have some mark-up due to the time limit. There is a short window of time so make the most of it and purchase the things you need.

Why don’t they offer Lifetime Deals?

  • Unique and pocket-friendly

  • Let go of the burden of making monthly installments

  • Get early bird specials

  • Reduces the work of book-keeping

  • It’s easy to worry about losing your access to the application.

  • Investments in a tool that is sure to bring in a significant ROI are good sources of income

  • Long Term Asset for Business

  • Affordable Price for the Rest of Your Lifetime

  • Your Creative Department’s Right-hand Man.

SaaS Lifetime Software Deals

You get access to every tool you require for your business and save money by becoming a customer through lifetime deals. We’ve built our tech infrastructure through the years by taking advantage of life-long deals. If we had to pay per month for all of the tools, it would cost approximately $5000 each month. However, since we’ve availed through the years of a variety of lifetime deals and discounts, we pay less than 10%.

The main point is that lifetime deals simplify your life. You save money, can eliminate repetitive bookkeeping tasks and you can gain easier access to the tools that you require to run your business.

Typically life-long deals are offered by smaller, new or solo SaaS companies to encourage people to start using their tools. Although there are many disadvantages to this approach, it is often a match made in heaven for entrepreneurs that are cash-strapped and are looking for life-long deals.

Entrepreneurs who are beginning their journey life-long deals are an excellent resource.

Keep this in mind, this also means that lifetime agreements may not be appropriate for all business owner. Most companies that offer lifetime contracts have only just begun and their software may be limited in functionality or may have bugs. It means that they will not last you forever or you could get bored of them. This can be good since it indicates that your business is successful and then you can upgrade to a higher Pro Plan on the tool you’re already using or switch to a different app even you’ll have to pay for an annual subscription. But at least by that point, you know that you’re using the tool and that it’s useful to your business, so you’ll be more confident in the investment of the paid plan.

Why life-long deals are important for your company

A lifetime deal could be one of your best investments. These deals can save you significant cost and offer all the resources and capabilities you need in order to expand your business. The lifetime offer is an essential option for any company which operates with a tight budget.

Let’s get into the details about lifetime deals.


Lifetime deals mean that you will not be slapped by monthly bills. It’s simple to pay for one tool and have it on hand for the duration of your the rest of your life. This means that you have fewer entries for bookkeeping to keep track of when you manage your own books as a solo entrepreneur.

Additionally, lifetime deals are great because you don’t continue to pay for tools that you occasionally use, but aren’t a vital part of your work. It’s those tools you’ve registered for and have some work saved. Although you’d like to see it end, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop paying the monthly fees.

Lifetime deals eliminate those “should-I-keep-it-or-shouldn’t-I” feelings because you aren’t paying monthly for the tools! Even if you don’t utilize it as frequently as you thought the deal would only cost $40 instead of $20 per monthly.

Lifetime deals allow you to invest in equipment that could have a significant return on investment (ROI) for your business. You can avail lifetime deals if you have plans to expand your business in the near future. It’s something that we’ve done over the years and has greatly benefited us.

We had a dream to the future of our company and we were able to take advantage of a lifetime deal that was perfect for us. Although we may not have utilized them at the time or even if we kept them for a number of years, eventually , they were a tool that we needed to control the new areas of our business. We had the tools in place and ready to be used.

One of the final advantages of lifetime agreements is that they allow you to invest in up-and-coming tools and are involved in the process of developing the tool. Like we mentioned earlier, new SaaS companies typically offer lifetime deals to entrepreneurs. SaaS companies require their customers to utilize and pay for their tools. Entrepreneurs also need tools to manage their business at a lower cost. For a good deal on the software, the entrepreneur must use it while the bugs are being addressed and brand new features are being added.

Though most lifetime deal software remain under development, you can provide feedback to the creators and assist them in creating the product you like. The creators are very willing to receive feedback. Also, small companies can customize their plans of development to meet the needs of their customers. Their aim is to develop the product that their customers need. If you are willing to put up with the process of development, you will most likely find the right tool for your company.

Check out Lifetime Deals

Just because you see a lifetime deal available isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you should snatch it up. Which lifetime deals are worth your time? What should you be looking for?

Here are the top factors you must consider when you are considering purchasing a lifetime deal.

Check your tools and equipment

It is important to think about your tech stack. Think about the things you have and what you do not have and the areas where it’s in need of improvement. What’s not working? What can be improved? Are there gaps in the capabilities of your equipment? What could you possibly need?

Auditing what you already have in your technology stack can shine a the light on what you’ll require to change to improve your workflow. It could clarify what you don’t need to include if you already have it already.


Although it’s rare, the companies that offer lifetime contracts aren’t very old and often they’re dissolved in less time than a year. It’s not something that we see often, but it could occur. It’s crucial to be as secure as you can when investing in companies likely to decline in the near the future. Take a look at the product roadmap of any company to understand their future plans.

AppSumo is a good option, regardless of where the lifetime deal is being offered, and independent review sites are good sites to read reviews and feedback. The Lifetime Tech Deal Fans Facebook group is a good place to reference lifetime deal reviews specifically because the group there is pretty knowledgeable and they often grill the founders in Q&A sessions.


As we’ve already discussed the importance of roadmaps as an indicator of an organization’s future expansion and progress. They’re also important to consider when considering life-time deals. They are not only a great indicator of the longevity of your company and forward-thinking, they can also give a good comprehension of how the tool will develop as compared to the business you run.

Because the tools are typically in their beginning stages, they will undergo many changes as they develop into better tools, therefore, examining the roadmap of the product gives you an idea of where the development will occur so that you are able to make an informed choice about whether or not it’s appropriate tool for your company after adjustments and updates are made. In the majority of cases, the tool will grow and improve your company than it was when it first came out on Day 1 however, it is best to check the product roadmap to be certain that this is the case.

For example, here’s a product roadmap from SocialBee–which is a tool that offered a lifetime deal through AppSumo–so their users can see what features are in the development pipeline.

What kinds of lifetime deals are you looking to add to your technology stack?

You now know the meaning of lifetime deals, why they’re useful for your company, where you can find them and what to keep in mind when choosing lifetime deals–which are the best ones to include in your tech stack?

It’s going to be contingent on the requirements of your tech-related needs of your business. Each company will have its own requirements, but a great starting point for every business is to get lifetime deals to get the most essential tools.

There are tools you may require to manage your company. If this is the case you could benefit from life-time deals that provide the same capabilities. This can help you save a significant amount of money throughout your business’s existence.

These are the types of tools we suggest all businesses use when trying to find life-time deals.

  • Helpdesks: Every business needs an avenue to communicate with clients and customers. Most often, it’s via email. It’s something that you’ll need throughout the life of your company. Find an all-year deal on an assist desk that has the most basic of features. Also, look over their roadmap for products to learn how they intend to evolve over time.

  • Marketing Tools: A life-time deal with the tools for marketing that you employ can assist you to manage your campaigns efficiently regardless of whether you’re using email marketing or social media marketing.

  • Credits for Stock Photo/Video/Audio Services. If you’re using stock images or videos in your work A perpetual subscription to credits from a stock company is incredibly useful. Buy up (no pun intended) on credits, and they will keep you going for a long time!

  • Security Tools: Most importantly, you will never regret investing in any tool that safeguard your company. Security tools are something you can use throughout your life. They’re usually something you’ll be able to use for years to come, so it’s an added benefit that you only have to pay once. Look for VPNs, firewalls, backup services, etc. Our How to Bulletproof Your Online Store article gives more ideas for security tools you can implement into your business’ tech stack.

  • Photo/Video Editing. Businesses today require to have some sort of photo or movie editing tool to create content for their websites as well as social media. You can find tools for removing background from product photos or to compress images to optimize your web-based photos, as well as video editing software to make amazing content.

  • Link Shorteners are an important tool used by many businesses these days. They can be utilized on any social profile or when you are using affiliate links. Since it is an essential tool in business that you’ll use every year, it’s an excellent idea to sign a lifetime deal to link shortening tools.


We’re sure you’re familiar with lifetime offers, even if you didn’t know what they were. They’re something you have to be aware of as you manage your business.

Be sure to evaluate your technology stack and decide what tools you require. Also, make sure you look for long-term deals on equipment that can be used. You’ll require the right tools to run your business, therefore it’s worthwhile to look for ways to save money while still getting the best value.

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