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What are lifetime software contracts? How do you get the most value from them?

To create an ecommerce site that functions, you’ll require numerous applications. It’s virtually impossible to operate any kind of online business without using any sort of tools, applications or resources that help you execute your workflow. Whether it’s a helpdesk application or social media scheduling tools or stock image resources, there are so many applications available to help merchants run better businesses. We’ll discuss how you can acquire the tools you require to run your online business more effectively through the use of lifetime deals.

What is an Lifetime Deal, and how do you get it?

Lifetime deals are discounts offered to users of apps, tools, or resources. Customers pay a one-time cost to access these resources.

They are a fantastic resource for novices, especially those who can’t pay for the monthly expenses of their technical section.

Lifetime deals can ease your life when it comes to financial terms. They enable you to quickly access the tools you need to run your business effectively.

The seller decreases the price of the product. This is often SaaS which is very affordable for a certain time. Once the time limit expires the price will be back to the normal price, or even higher. Some items may be marked up because they are only available for a limited period of time. Profit from the limited time to secure the item you want.

Why not Lifetime Deals?

  • Unique, pocket-friendly

  • Get rid of the stress and worry of making monthly payments

  • Specials for early birds.

  • This reduces the amount of time and effort involved in keeping books.

  • It’s easy to fret about losing access to the application.

  • There are a number of reliable sources for investing in this tool, which will certainly yield an remarkable ROI.

  • Long Term Asset for Business

  • Affordable Cost for Your Lifetime

  • Right-hand of your Creative Department

SaaS Lifetime Software Deals

You get access to every tool you need for your business, and you save as a customer with lifetime deals. For instance we’ve built up our tech stack by taking advantage of life-long deals. If we were to pay for every one of our tools on a monthly basis, it would cost about $5000 per month. However, because we’ve taken advantage of many lifetime deals over the years that we pay less than 10% of the total cost.

It boils down to this: lifetime deals can make your life much easier. They can help you reduce costs, simplify accounting and enable you to gain access to all the tools you need to run a business.

For people to start using their tools, they often provide lifetime deals for solo, small or micro SaaS organizations. While there are some disadvantages however, it is a great match for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who are looking for long-term offers.

Lifetime deals provide a solution that is cost-effective for novice entrepreneurs who don’t have the money to invest thousands of dollars per month on their technology stack. If this is you, then take a look at lifelong deals!

With that in mind this means that lifetime agreements may not be suitable for every business owner. The majority of companies offering lifetime deals are just starting out so the tools may not be as efficient or error-free. They might not last for long, or you could surpass the program. However, this can be beneficial as it signifies that your business is growing, and you can upgrade to the Pro Plan for the tool or switch to another app even if you’ll need to pay for the subscription. At least, at the time you’ve reached that point, you’ll know that you use the tool and it’s helpful for your business . Therefore, you can be more confident about the decision of the paid plan.

Why lifetime contracts are so important for your company

A lifetime deal is one of your best investments. They could save you cost and offer all the resources and capabilities you need in order to grow your business. If you’re running your business on a limited budget, lifetime deals are a must to integrate into your technology stack.

Let’s talk about lifetime deals.

The benefits of life-long discounts

With lifetime deals, you will have no recurring credit card bills that hit your credit cards each month. It’s yours for life, and you pay it once. This means you’ll have fewer bookkeeping entries to keep track of when you’re a solo business owner managing your own books, it takes much of the work off your plate!

You don’t have to keep paying for tools that you make use of occasionally, but aren’t an integral part of your workflow. It’s those tools you’ve purchased and have a bit of work to save. Although you’d like to see it end, it does not mean that you cannot continue paying the monthly fees.

Lifetime deals eliminate those “should-I-keep-it-or-shouldn’t-I” feelings because you aren’t paying monthly for the tools! If you purchase the lifetime plan and discover that you don’t use the tools as much, it costs you $40 in total, instead of $20 per month.

Lifetime contracts allow you to invest in tools that can have a significant increase in the value of your company. Lifetime deals are an excellent way to help your business grow if you have a clear idea of the future. This is something we have done in the past and it has greatly improved our process.

We had a vision to the future of our company and we were able to take advantage of the lifetime deal that was perfect for us. We might not have utilized these tools in the present or perhaps we even sat on them for a few years however, eventually, they became a tool that we needed to run an entirely new area of our business and we had that tool waiting in the wings, ready to use.

The last benefit of lifetime contracts is the ability to invest in the most recent tools and be part of the process of developing your product. We mentioned that lifetime deals are provided by SaaS firms to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. SaaS companies want their users to use their software, and entrepreneurs require tools to help them run their businesses. At a reasonable cost entrepreneurs can make use of the software even though there are issues and features that are being added.

The majority of lifetime deal tools are still in development. However, you may still give the creators feedback and help to build the tool you wish to use. The creators are usually willing to hear feedback. They are able to alter their development plan to best suit the needs of their customers, which is often small-scale businesses. Their aim is to develop the product that their customers need. If you’re willing to endure the development process then you’ll likely get the right tool for your company.

Take a look at the possibility of purchasing a life-time item

If you spot a lifetime deal available isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you should snatch it up. What lifetime deals are worth your time? What should you look for?

Below are the top criteria you should think about when you’re considering buying a lifetime deal.

Audit your current tools

Take a look at the tools that you have in your tech stack and think about what you might not have. What’s not working properly? What could be improved? Do you have any weaknesses in your tool’s capabilities? What are the things you could possibly require?

You can audit what is already in your tech stack to figure out the things you need to change or add.


While this is uncommon but it is possible. But, since the companies that offer lifetime contracts aren’t yet established and are not yet established, they could be unable to meet their financial obligations within a single year. While it isn’t often seen however, it could happen. If you don’t want to invest in a company that might go down in future, be sure to look over their roadmap for products. It will tell you what direction they are taking to go forward and what direction the company will follow.

You may also check out AppSumo reviews and comments or any other review site with lifetime deals to find out what others have to comment on. The Lifetime Tech Deal Fans Facebook group is a good place to reference lifetime deal reviews specifically because the group there is pretty knowledgeable and they often grill the founders in Q&A sessions.


As we have already mentioned that roadmaps are an essential indicator of a company’s future development and growth. They’re also important to consider when considering lifetime deals. Not just because they provide you with an understanding of the company’s longevity and how forward-thinking they are, but they also provide you with an understanding of whether the tool will develop in the same direction as your business or not.

The tools are usually in their beginning stages so they will change and evolve as time passes. The product roadmap will give you an idea of the areas of development and help you determine if it’s still the right tool to use to run your business. Most of the time the tool will improve and be even better for your company than it was when it first came out on Day 1 however, it is best to check the roadmap of the product to be sure of that being the scenario.

For example, here’s a product roadmap from SocialBee–which is a tool that offered a lifetime deal through AppSumo–so their users can see what features are in the development pipeline.

What kinds of lifetime deals should you add to your technology stack?

Now you know what life-long agreements are and what they mean for your business. Where can you purchase them? What should you look for when selecting life-time offers. Which lifetime deals should you add to your technology stack.

The whole thing will depend on the technology of your business stack. Each business has its own needs. But, it’s a good idea to start with lifetime deals for crucial equipment.

If you’re using specific tools for the features to run your business, then consider getting tools with similar features with lifetime contracts so you don’t need to keep paying monthly or yearly for the use of the services. This will save you a significant amount of dollars over the course of your company’s lifetime.

These are the tools the majority of businesses need to use to ensure that they have lifetime contracts:

  • Helpdesks. Every business must be able to connect with clients and customers via email. It is essential to have an aiddesk system for the rest of your business’s life. It can be expensive when you need to pay per month or annually. Look for a lifetime deal for an assist desk that has the most basic of features. Also, check out their product roadmap to find out how they plan to change over time.

  • Marketing Tools: Whether marketing via email or social media marketing or whatever kind of marketing your company uses, getting the marketing tools that you’ll use for an annual deal will ensure that you’re running a lean campaign.

  • Credits for stock photo/video/audio services If you are using stock images videos, audio or images is crucial to the work you do, then getting an unlimited amount of credits to use from the stock market can be super helpful. Make sure you have enough (no pun intended) on credits and they can keep you going for quite a while!

  • Security Tools. Most of the time, you won’t regret investing in something that is going to protect you business. Security tools are usually an item that your company will require throughout its existence. You only pay once and then enjoy unlimited access. Look for VPNs, firewalls, backup services, etc. Our How to Bulletproof Your Online Store article gives more ideas for security tools you can implement into your business’ tech stack.

  • Photo/Video Editing. Many businesses require tools for editing photos or videos to make great content for their websites or on social media.

  • Link shorteners are a frequent tool for businesses to keep links organized on their social media pages and when using affiliate links. It’s also a tool that you will use year after year so it’s worth looking for a lifetime deal.


We’re sure you’re familiar with lifetime deals, even if did not know what they were. They’re among the things to just be on the lookout for while you’re running your business since you could save money when you discover ones that work for your company.

It is important to evaluate your current tech stack to determine what tools you’re currently using and which ones you can improve. Then, look for deals for life to acquire tools you can use! You’re bound to need tools to run your business so if you can save money while doing so it’s a win-win.

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